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Spotlight on American History: The Marquis de Lafayette and Other International Champions of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution could not have been won without the help of foreign volunteers who came to aid the cause of liberty. In addition to Lafayette's gallant entry into the war at the age of nineteen, this informational text also looks at the participation of Count Pulaski from Poland, Baron von Steuben from Prussia, Admiral de Grasse from France as well as the Comte de Rochambeau whose participation at the battle of Yorktown was so decisive. The Marquis de Lafayette was born to a noble family in France. He fell in love with the concept of liberty and with the American fight for democracy and freedom. This book introduces students to the European adventurers, soldiers of fortune, and romantics of the time that flocked to the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Clear and concise text is supported by photographs, illustrations, and primary source documents.