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Spyhawk Night Vision


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Advanced Technology for Inquisitive Kids The "Bionic Ear" earphone is a built-in listening device that magnifies sound so you can listen to conversations that you normally couldn't hear. Just place the earplug into your left ear, switch on the power by turning the on/off volume control switch and start to hear sounds at an advanced, comfortable level. The goggles feature a red light for special ops night vision surveillance. The angle of the night vision light can be adjusted manually directly above the headlight. Fun Toy and Great for Developing Motor Skills This Scientific Explorer Mini Lab is experiment number 180 of a series of science kits that combine elements of learning and fun with hours of educational entertainment. Your child will use new technology to listen to faraway sounds and see in the dark. The night vision goggles use a diffused red light to pierce into dark rooms. The Spyhawk Night Vision Goggles can foster problem solving, critical thinking and fine motor skills while sneaking around in their own house like a real spy. Product’s Bells and Whistles The headpiece is adjustable for all sizes and has an attached battery compartment to power this spy device. This product features a night vision light with manual adjustment and a sound amplifying “Bionic Ear” so your child has everything they need for secret spy missions. Take on secret missions, spy on your friends and creep around the house undetected for hours of fun. What's In The Box? Microphone Earplug Amplifier On/off volume control Headlight lamp Headlight angle adjuster On/off switch Battery compartment