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Sticker Stories: Under the Sea Escapades

Walter Foster Publishing

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With Sticker Stories: Under the Sea Escapades, kids create their own adventures with drawing exercises and 150+ stickers!

What tall tales happen under the sea? 
Sticker Stories: Under the Sea Escapades gives kids a chance to tell these stories themselves! This unique activity book features fun story prompts and colorful scenes to complete. With more than 150 stickers and some simple step-by-step drawing lessons to make the different under-the-sea scenes, this interactive book provides hours of entertainment.

Grab some 
drawing paper, pencils, an eraser, crayons, a copy of Sticker Stories: Under the Sea Escapades, and some imagination, and encourage your child to make underwater scenes! First children will fill the story pages with stickers to complete the scenes. After that, they can follow the simple steps to practice drawing on their own paper. This book shows how to draw a whale, a sea turtle, a starfish, a jellyfish, a puffer fish, a sea lion, a crab, a yellow fish, and a pink fish. Kids will then combine stickers and drawings on the scene page near the end to make their own sea escapades!

Nila Aye's cheerful, retro-modern illustrations and simple step-by-step 
art instruction inspire kids to use their imaginations to tell their own stories and learn to draw, too. The simple prompts and colorful stickers will have young creative types telling tall tales and learning to draw in no time. It’s the perfect jump-start into storytelling and drawing for young authors and artists!