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Stratego Waterloo


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Based on the real historic battle of Waterloo! Refight the famous battle, and maybe experience a different outcome! Three levels of play! Basic play lets you become familiar with the game pieces and game board. Standard play adds extra terrain to the board, extra victory conditions and Maneuver cards! When you play the expert level, you have to follow extra rules and experience extra scenarios! This all-new game adds more details and more strategy, for more advanced players ages 12+! Napoleon lost the battle in 1815, but maybe today he won't! Use your infantry, cavalry and artillery pieces. Sever your opponent's line of retreat to win At a certain point, the Prussians will arrive to help the Allied forces. ..beware, Napoleon 200 years ago, Napoleon was beaten by Wellington and Blucher at Waterloo; Now you can now refight that battle; maybe with a different outcome! Play the Basic, Standard or Expert version of the game for a wide variety of action and suspense Battle to sever your opponent's lines of retreat and win! 2 Players, Ages 12 & Up Contents: 1 Game Board, 47 Blue, 45 Red, 13 Black pieces, 1 Battle die, 2 Hill, 2 Mud, 3 Building tiles, 15 Maneuver and 6 Line of Retreat Cards, 12 Weakened Blocks, 6 Building counters, 3 Ownership flags, 1 Turn Counter and rules