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Study Buddies

Miller Pads and Paper

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Study Buddies are the Best thing invented since, well, "Sliced Bread!"   No, but really, these are the handiest tool for memory and studying!  Use them for Bible Memory, Phonics, Alphabet, Numbers, Math Facts, Spelling, Vocabulary, Terminology, etc...  I have seen them used in so many wonderful and creative ways!  Even as a gift for the bride to be, where everyone sent their favorite recipes to the hostess and she glued them to the study buddy and gave the recipes to her at the shower:)  Such a thoughtful and inexpensive gift!  Study Buddies are made from Colorful Blank Index cards with a hole punched in the corner. Binding ring included holds them together. Make your own flash cards; you learn when you make them and remember as you study them!  Fits easily in your purse or backpack for travel, doctor visits, car rides, etc...  Highschool and College students love them!   100 cards in each study buddy.  Choose your size.