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Tall Stackers Smart Shapes

Play Monster

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Tactile learning fun!Smart shapes they are! Five large, basic geometric shapes for play with twenty-one tall-stacker pegs!Fill all the holes, sort by color, fit the shapes into the puzzle frame, count how high the stacking pegs will go! Kid-friendly activities include sorting, matching, counting, color and shape recognition. Early math skills are on the rise!Meaningfully designed to be most effective for young children. Puzzle parts are wonderfully tactile. Stacking pegs are nice and large. Components stack well together. Kids are entertained and educated too!Tall-Stacker Smart Shapes Build on early math skills Activities include sorting, matching, counting, color and shape recognition Develops fine motor skills and critical thinking ability Shapes and pegs are washable Exceptionally durable construction Composed of crepe rubber and high quality plastic Includes 5 chunky shapes, 21 stacking pegs, puzzle frame Storage box included