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  • Educational and Entertaining: It’s Go Time! is a fun way for the whole family to help young learners practice and improve all kinds of mathematical, literacy, and life skills: number recognition, letter and word recognition, odd and even numbers, quantity comparisons, place value, number lines, following directions, using strategy, and more.
  • What’s Inside the Box: Each box contains 108 cards. This total includes 90 number cards, 15 Go! cards, and 3 copies of a reference card that gives a quick overview of how the Go! cards work. An easy-to-follow instruction sheet tells you all you need to know about how to set up the game, how to play, and how to win.
  • How to Play: Players are dealt cards that have numbers, math facts, and math-related tasks written on them. You may even get a Go! Card—a wild card that contains a special task. Players use their cards to complete the tasks written on the cards. The first player to use all of their cards is the winner.
  • Go! Wild: There are 5 different types of Go! cards in the game: Go Again, Go Wild, Go Fish, Go 4 More, and Go Figure. Can you find one? Each contains a special task that doesn’t play by the rules. When a Go! card pops up, the whole game can go in a different direction.
  • Fun for Everyone: It’s Go Time! is ideal for anyone ages 6 and over, and it works best for groups of 2–6 players. Play it with first graders and fourth graders. Play it with friends and aunts and grandparents. It’s Go Time! gives every player a chance to show what they know and to win.
  • Ready to Go: This simple yet fun game takes almost no time to learn and set up. Within minutes of opening the box, young learners can be ready to compete and play for the win.
  • At Home, In the Classroom, and On the Go: This game was designed by teachers for parents (and kids!). It makes for an entertaining and educational addition to Family Game Nights at home. It is also perfect for those on the go: It’s Go Time! is an educational resource that is practical, portable, and fun. Teachers can also use this game in the classroom to make small-group work a time of learning and enjoyment.
  • Perfect for Little Hands: These cards are 2 ½” x 3 ½” and are made with rounded, child-safe corners.