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Teaching English Through Art

Indepent Publishing

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Incorporating art into English particularly writing can be both a motivational tool and useful for increasing a student's understanding and retention. Teaching English Through Art provides solid coverage of all aspects of writing for middle schoolers parts of sentences, kinds of sentences, sentence structure, paragraph structure, types of paragraphs, story-writing, dialogue, literary devises, creating mood, letters, poetry, and biographical sketches. Rather than detailed instruction in each of these areas, art examples are provided that illustrate or stage a situation and the student is encouraged to expand from the example into original composition. Take for instance, the lesson on caricature. Visually, as an art example, we're familiar with this type of cartoon-like drawing of a person's face. However, a character in a story can be a caricature as well, exhibiting an extreme of personality or behavior. While people with exaggerated personality traits exist in real life, it's in writing that they're most prevalent, and learning to identify caricatures as well as produce them can be a valuable skill.