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The Adventures of Happy Jack


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Happy Jack Squirrel fills his days with fun and foolishness — even while jealously guarding his winter supply of hickory nuts from his mischief-making cousin, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, and playful Striped Chipmunk. But the bouncing, bushy-tailed creature's days of comfort and security are threatened when he wakes one morning to find his worst dream come true: Shadow the Weasel is close by, and Happy Jack finds himself running for his life, trying every trick he knows to get away from his enemy. With gentle charm and good-natured humor, master storyteller Thornton Burgess once again draws youngsters into the timeless world of the Green Forest and the Green Meadows where young readers learn about nature and are encouraged to love the "lesser folk in fur and feathers." Reprint of the Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 1918 edition. Product Details:  Age Recommendation: 8-14 Page Count: 128 Pages Dimensions: 5 x 8