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The Don Freeman Treasury of Animal Stories


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A chatty crow, a newly ambitious dog, and a pair of unlikely animal friends are the stars of these three charmingly illustrated tales by Don Freeman, author of Corduroy and Beady Bear. The long-out-of-print stories, now available in a single-volume collection, combine humor with gentle lessons in humility, responsibility, and loyalty.Cyrano the Crow centers on a talkative creature who takes great pride in his ability to imitate owls, parrots, and other birds. But when Cyrano is invited to perform on a television show, the conceited crow gets a comeuppance.Flash the Dash recounts the tale of a lazy dachshund named Flash who likes to nap while his spouse, Sashay, does all the work. When Sashay insists that he find a job, Flash becomes a messenger and realizes the importance and benefits of hard work.The Turtle and the Dove tells of a weary bird who finds rest on a tiny round island―which turns out to be a turtle's back. The new companions weather a storm together and discover the power of a deep friendship. Reprint of Flash the Dash, Childrens Press, Chicago, 1973; The Turtle and the Dove and Cyrano the Crow, The Viking Press, New York, 1964 and 1960 editions.   Product Details:  Age Recommendation: 7-10 Page Count: 128 Pages Dimensions 8 1/4 x 11