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The Earth Atlas

DK Publishing

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Delve beneath the surface of Earth with this pictorial atlas and discover the secrets of our planet.

How did planet Earth form? What’s under the surface, and how can we see it? Why do volcanoes erupt? What do coasts and caves have in common? What’s so important about rocks and soil? If you find yourself seeking the answers to these questions and more, then this may be the book for you!

Introducing The Earth Atlas – a lavishly illustrated guide to our planet. From oceans to ice regions to deserts, this book takes you on an exciting trip to discover more about the Earth’s features, explaining how they formed and what impact they have on us even today, supporting life and shaping the world with every tectonic movement!

Ready for an adventure? Dive straight in to discover: 

– A strikingly visual guide to the innermost depths of our Earth
– Exquisite hand-drawn illustrations and maps making the information engaging and accessible
– A diverse range of fascinating information using captions and detailed cross sections

From ferocious volcanoes to testing tornadoes, The Earth Atlas is an engaging, fact-packed, and educational book for children aged 9–12, especially those interested in natural science, geology, geography, or ecology. So whether you’re a budding young geographer, or a teacher looking for an engaging resource to use in your classroom, this earth encyclopedia is full of fascinating facts that are sure to delight young readers time and time again.