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The Human Body Coloring Book

DK Publishing

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A unique, interactive study aid for learning and understanding human anatomy.

This unique study aid provides students with an innovative approach to learning and recalling anatomical information. The interactive elements of the book, which focus on coloring and labeling anatomical diagrams correctly, are crucial methods that help a student understand the human body, while the opportunity to self-test maximizes the ability to recall knowledge.

Every part of the body is shown as an accurate black and white line artwork. The intention
with each image is to color and accurately label each relevant part. Clear instructions are given for each artwork that explain exactly what needs to be colored in, along with a guide to the colors to use. Each page also contains a list of key terms relating to the artwork, which the user can cover with a flap in order to recall, write down, and learn the terms.

The book is structured in an intuitive and easy to use way, beginning with an overview of all the body systems and then following a system-by-system approach. A full-color reference section further supports learning by clarifying key concepts and illustrating each system of the human body.