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The Princess and the Goblin


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A hidden stairway to a secret room leads a little princess to a mysterious but charming silver-haired woman who gives her a magic ring to use in "time of trouble. " "Trouble," the little princess soon learns, takes the shape of a group of devilish goblins who live in the ore-rich subterranean caverns of a nearby mountain.Despising royalty and all their descendants (including the little princess), these misshapen creatures plot to kidnap the little girl and flood the mines. Their efforts, however, are frustrated when the princess, with the help of a fearless and resourceful young miner lad named Curdie, outwit these mischievous little people and learn — along the way — some valuable lessons about bravery and loyalty.First published in 1872, The Princess and the Goblin brought lasting fame to Scottish poet and novelist George MacDonald, who earlier had sharpened his storytelling skills by entertaining his eleven children. This complete, unabridged classic of children’s literature will delight young readers and fairy tale lovers of all ages. Reprint of a standard edition. Product Details:  Age Recommendation: 8-14 Page Count: 176 pages Dimensions: 5 x 8