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The Story of Peter Pan


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The humor, whimsy, and high adventure of James M. Barrie's play Peter Pan have delighted generations of children and adults and continue to inspire new entertainments based on the original drama. Among the first of these highly successful adaptations was the version (written by Barrie himself) created by Daniel O'Connor shortly after the play's enthusiastically acclaimed first London production in December of 1904. Enhanced by over 40 illustrations that perfectly capture the fanciful turns of mood and plot, The Story of Peter Pan is a delightful retelling of the story that has been a bedtime favorite of children for nearly a century. It is reprinted here, complete with musical selections (vocal and piano) from the original stage production, to once again delight young fans of Peter, Wendy, and all the denizens of the Darling household and the Never-Never-Never Land. Reprint of The Musson Book Company, Ltd., Toronto, n.d. edition. Product Details: Age Recommendation: 8-14 Page Count: 96 Pages Dimensions: 5 x 8