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The Ultimate Hidden Picture Puzzle Book


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At first glance, the scene looks like any other cozy camping spot. But look closer and you'll see it has all the trappings of an enchanted forest. This and 23 other delightfully drawn tableaux challenge sharp-eyed sleuths to ferret out cleverly concealed objects in artist Joe Boddy's immensely entertaining hidden picture puzzle book. Puzzlists of all ages will enjoy grappling with such pictorial bafflers as helping a young boy deep in a jungle find a fishing pole, hiking boots, compass, and other survival equipment; finding tools for an absent-minded tree-house builder; locating good things for a little lad to eat in an apparently foodless kitchen, and much more. Solutions are provided for the optically frustrated; and for coloring book fans, these intriguing pictures also offer hours of coloring pleasure. Features: 24 black-and-white line illustrations 32 pages 8.25 x 11 Paperbound