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Tom Sawyer, Detective and Tom Sawyer Abroad


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Filled with the folk humor and storytelling charm that have made Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn such enduringly popular characters, these two comic gems trace the friends' further adventures. Tom Sawyer, Detective finds the boys summoned by Aunt Sally to "Arkansaw," where Uncle Silas is in deep trouble. Tom puts his mail-order detective kit to good use as he and Huck get involved in a diamond heist, meet a mysterious stranger, and borrow a bloodhound to discover a shallow grave.In Tom Sawyer Abroad, Jim joins the boys for a grand adventure in the style of a Jules Verne novel. Tom recruits his friends for a trip to St. Louis to see an airship. When the ship unexpectedly takes off with the threesome aboard, they wind up in Africa, where they experience lively encounters with lions and robbers and see some of the world's great wonders, including the pyramids and the Sphinx. Abridgement of the American Publishing Company, Hartford, Connecticut, 1876 edition. Product Details: Age Recommendation: 8-14 Page Count: 224 pages Dimensions: 5 x 8