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Tropical Flowers of the World Coloring Book


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Perhaps nowhere else has nature lavished more exotic beauty and color than on the tropical flowers of the world. Wonderfully variegated in shape, size, and hue, they bring a brilliant touch of finery to the rain forests and jungles of the world. Now colorists can imitate nature’s spectacular palette — and learn a great deal, too — by coloring the 45 species of flowers in this book. The blossoms depicted here are the crowning glory of trees, shrubs, herbs, and vines found all over the tropics: Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, southern Asia, and the island world of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Lynda Chandler, a professional botanical illustrator, has provided detailed, scientifically accurate renderings of each flower, as well as colored versions of all 45 on the covers as a coloring guide. Among the species included:Cannonball Tree (Brazil and Trinidad)Firecracker Flower (India)Chalice Vine or Cup-of-Gold (Mexico)Pink Quill (Ecuador)Lobster Claw (Hawaii)Asiatic Lady’s Slipper (Thailand)Torch Ginger (South Sea Islands)Cup-and-Saucer Vine (Mexico)Sausage Tree (Tropical Africa)Rosy Moth Orchid (Philippines)Sorrowless Tree (India)Bird-of-Paradise Flower (South Africa)… and 33 more.In addition to precise line renderings of each exotic specimen — based both on careful botanical research and direct observation of the species depicted — the book supplies captions for each plant with this information: common English name; scientific name; color of the flowers; type of plant on which the flower occurs (tree, shrub, herb, vine); and the country or region to which the plant is native. Moreover, Tropical Flowers of the World Coloring Book is a member of Dover’s Pictorial Archive Series. This means artists, illustrators, or anyone in need of a botanical illustration may use up to four illustrations without prior permission or fee.