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Two Sided Black Paper-25 Sheets


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Black paper from Hygloss has a milky black texture on both sides, so you can get twice the use from your craft paper. * Crafting with black specialty paper can produce unusual results as it accepts many mediums such as chalk, gel pens and pastels. * 2-Sided * Black on Both Sides * 8.5" x 11" 25 Sheets * 9" x 12" 25 Sheets Description: Black paper offers a unique twist to the usual crafting technique. Kids are used to putting dark colors onto white paper, but with black craft paper, you are working in the reverse. Black paper works splendidly with pastels, both chalk and oil based. Teach children about shading, color blends, and color absorption using various colored pastels and your black paper. Black craft paper makes a lovely contrast for bright colors. Use foil star stickers on this paper to create an expansive star lit sky. Whether it's a zebra or a penguin, a panda bear or a jaguar, black paper is the ideal material for making all of your favorite animals, as well. If you have children who don't enjoy writing or have a hard time putting the pen to paper, you can use black paper to your advantage. Because of its milky texture, this paper works well with uncommon writing tools. Turn writing assignments into a real treat using delightful gel pens and black craft paper. See how quickly the most reluctant kids come up with ideas to put down when using exciting equipment such as these. Cut, color and craft away using this wonderful specialty paper from Hygloss today.