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Ultimate Sticker Book: Deadly Animals

DK Publishing

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Get up close and personal with some of the world's most dangerous animals in Ultimate Sticker Book: Deadly Animals. Did you know the most poisonous animal in the world is the tiny golden dart frog? Or that the alligator snapping turtle's tongue looks like a worm to lure prey into its mouth? Or that scorpions skitter across the desert, hunting for food with its pincers and stinging tail? Hunt with lions, polar bears, wolves, and sharks to see how they take down their prey. Learn about the deadliest predators' environments, diets, and habits, and discover amazing facts in this action-packed sticker book. Filled with information, activities, and more than 250 reusable stickers, Ultimate Sticker Book: Deadly Animals is a great catch for young readers. Taking subjects that kids love, from dinosaurs to baby animals to transportation, DK's Ultimate Sticker Book series is being refreshed and updated and now features more than 250 fun, reusable stickers. Packed with activities that allow children to create scenes, match pairs, and complete jigsaws, the activities throughout each book are simple enough for the child to do independently, but engaging enough to keep their interest and help develop dexterity, making these books products parents can trust, and ones that kids will want to keep picking up to learn more about their favorite subjects.