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The year is 1566. The Order of Malta has placed the first stone of what will become the city of Valletta. The sound of masons and carpenters hard at work mingles with the din of merchants peddling their wares in the marketplace. In Valletta, players enlist the aid of these builders, craftsmen, and businesspeople to construct the future capital of Malta. Gather raw materials from lumberjacks, stonecutters, merchants, and others and then hire builders to convert these resources into the capital's magnificent bastions and baroque buildings. Complete building projects to score points and gain new cards to use in future turns. Hire the help you need, manage your resources, and leave your mark on the city! Contents: Rulebook 1 Street board 25 Barrel Tokens 4 25/50 Tokens 4 75/100 Tokens 37 Building cards 73 Character cards 4 Player boards 32 Houses 4 Player figures 42 Coins 30 Wood 30 Stones 30 Bricks 1 Jean Parisot de Valette figure 1 Card reference Ages: 14+ Players: 2-4 Playing Time: 40-80 Minutes