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Vis-Aid Fine Tip Overhead Markers


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With a rich heritage, and origins dating back to 1795, the Dixon Ticonderoga Company throughout history has made its mark through quality, integrity, respect and perseverance. Today Dixon Ticonderoga continues to make its mark manufacturing and marketing writing instruments, art supplies and tools for self-expression. Ticonderoga Vis-Aid Markers make overhead transparency presentations that grab your audience’s attention. A variety of bright, bold colors provide high visibility, while durable fine tips help ensure legibility. Low odor, water-based ink dries quickly for even, clear marks, then wipes easily from the transparency with a damp cloth. Vis-Aid Markers feature a patented thumb button cap for one hand cap release. They are AP certified non-toxic and conform to ASTM safety standards. More than a writing and art products company, Dixon Ticonderoga empowers people to take conscious and subliminal thoughts, facts, ideas and dreams, and preserve them using tools that are simply extensions of themselves. Ideal for marking or writing on overhead projection slides where bright, bold inks are needed Allow for colorful expression in presentation in the boardroom or classroom Removes easily with damp cloth