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Vocabulary Virtuoso: Elementary School Vocabulary for Academic Success (Grade 4-5)

Critical Thinking Company

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This 176-page book uses fifteen lessons to teach 150 words that fourth and fifth grade students should know for reading, writing, and standardized tests. Each lesson includes a story involving elementary school students that introduces language arts concepts such as homonyms, homophones, homographs, key words, antonyms, hyperbole, fables, myths, folk tales, and speech writing. Additional stories focus on the branches of government and the constitution, scientific method and formulating a hypothesis, and the Revolutionary War.Each lesson contains definitions, pronunciation keys, parts of speech, and alternate choices for each word made up of synonyms, idioms, and/or phrases.Students complete a variety of exercises requiring critical reading and writing skills to contextualize the words. The exercises use other forms of the words as different parts of speech, so that students learn to recognize these forms as variations of the original words-further expanding their vocabulary and enabling them to use the words in more contexts. This book emphasizes the correct spelling of the vocabulary words with a Jumble activity that ask students to unscramble the word before writing the correct spelling to match the definition.Whether used in the traditional classroom, as a homeschooling resource, or for independent study, Vocabulary Virtuoso: Elementary Vocabulary for Academic Success is a highly effective and fun vocabulary resource!