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Warriors Through The Ages Coloring Book


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Through the ages, history has shown that the outcome of battles did not always depend on technologically advanced weaponry, but on the skill and courage of the fighting man. This exciting and unique coloring book documents those historic warriors — from an ancient Hittite warrior (1286 B.C.) to a U.S. Marine rifleman of World War II (1941–1945). Forty-four full-page illustrations, accompanied by informative captions, depict 22 pairs of historic adversaries on facing pages, among them a Roman Imperial legionary opposite a Carthaginian warrior (216 B.C.), an Irish warrior and a Viking invader (A.D. 1014), a Saxon man-at-arms and a Norman knight at the Battle of Hastings (A.D. 1066), a Spanish crossbowman and a Moorish warrior (A.D. 1088), an English longbowman and a French knight (A.D. 1346), a Spanish conquistador and an Incawarrior (A.D. 1530), and a Confederate infantryman and his Union counterpart in the American Civil War (1861–1865). A fact-filled introduction and informative captions complete a collection of ready-to-color drawings that will not only appeal to coloring book fans but will also fascinate anyone interested in the long and provocative history of men-at-arms. Dover Original.   Age Recommendation: 8-18 Page Count: 48 pages