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Watch Me Read and Draw: Ocean Friends: A step-by-step drawing & story book

Walter Foster

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Watch Me Read and Draw: Ocean Friends is a step-by-step drawing and story book that teaches kids how to draw 11 different friends from the sea with simple steps and a fun, engaging story.The Watch Me Read and Draw book series is special because it blends two things together that kids love: reading and drawing! It’s easy and fun to learn to draw, especially when there’s a story to read and lots of stickers. In Watch Me Read and Draw: Ocean Friends, kids will follow along with the adorable story of Alana the Mermaid while they learn to draw all the characters in the book, one step at a time. Included are drawing instructions for a dolphin, a seahorse, an angelfish, a crab, a whale, a sea lion, a stingray, a jellyfish, a shark, an octopus, and Alana herself!With a fun story to read, 11 step-by-step drawing lessons, a flip-out drawing pad with guidelines, stickers to complete each scene, and an ocean scene at the end to make their very own, kids will love Watch Me Read and Draw: Ocean Friends. The basic shapes that budding young artists will recognize make it easy to learn how to draw. The flip-out drawing pad provides drawing prompts for a jump-start. And the treasure trove of stickers inside offers a reward for reading each page. This is the perfect starter drawing book for kids who love to read and draw! Author bio: Samantha Chagollan is an award-winning author and editor of a variety of childrens fiction and nonfiction books. A native Southern Californian, Samantha grew up with a passion for telling and writing stories. Through the family’s art store in Huntington Beach, California, she taught arts and crafts to both children and adults for five years. She went on to earn a degree in literature from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, where she focused her studies on multicultural literature and the Spanish language. After working for several publishers in the area, Samantha is currently working as a freelance editor and writer and is probably crafting a new story at this very moment.