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Wetlands Plants and Animals Coloring Book


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Here's a wonderful opportunity for colorists of all ages to have fun with crayons and other media while learning about the importance of wetlands to the natural environment and their crucial role in providing breeding and foraging areas for many animal species.In this timely volume, artist Annika Bernhard provides a detailed, accurate depiction of a saltmarsh environment, centering on the extensive marshlands of the northeastern United States and Canada. The fascinating ecological relationships among plants and animals and the effect of tides on the saltmarsh ecology become clear as each of the illustrations (41 full-page and one double-page) is colored.A variety of species, shown in their respective habitats, span the food chain — from the lovely clam worm, common periwinkle and clapper rail to the American eel, raccoon, and marsh hawk. Here also are realistic portrayals of the snowy egret, brown-banded wentletrap, purple marsh crab, and mosquitofish as well as naturalistic renderings of saltmeadow cordgrass found in high-tide areas, rockweed, and other forms of vegetation. Captions identify animal and plant life.