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Winter Day Play


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Winter Day Play! puts the fun back into cold, snowy days for teachers and young children. Instead of the same old snow angels, they can try a Layer Up Relay that will get them bundled up fast, Snow Painting with spray bottles filled with food coloring, and making Snow Cream with fresh fallen snow. Kids will delight in building a Japanese Snow Cottage or playing the Native American Snow Snake Game. More than 70 activities will keep kids busy learning, exploring, and having fun all winter long. When it is just too cold to go outside, they'll make Eskimo Yo-Yos, have a Marshmallow Sculpture Contest, or make a Snowflake Mobile. Parents and teachers can surprise kids with a Topsy-Turvy party, a Hawaiian luau, or a Winter Picnic. Whether in a group or by themselves, kids will find things to do inside or outside, wherever they live.