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Wonders of the World


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Explore 31 extraordinary monuments from around the world—from ancient treasures like the Colosseum to the modern Sydney Opera House.
A world of wonders awaits children in this book! From the Palace of Versailles in France to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, from Knossos Palace in Greece to Mount Rushmore in the US, it presents some of history’s greatest monuments, along with their location, size, and fun facts and features. Each one is marvelously illustrated by Giulia Lombardo, and introduced by a famous character connected to its legend—including Antoni Gaudi, designer of the Sagrada Familia church; Gustave Eiffel, who created the Eiffel Tower; Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland, whose family lives in Alnwick Castle, where scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed; and Tom Jobim, who wrote a song about the statue of Christ on Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.

Sites include:
Alhambra, in Granada, Spain   *   London’s Big Ben   *   Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate   *   Saint Basil’s Cathedral, in Moscow   *   Parthenon, in Athens, Greece    *    Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey    *    The Pyramids of Giza    *   Taj Mahal in Agra, India    *    The Great Wall of China    *   Himeji Castle in Japan   *   Statue of Liberty, in New York City   *   Mexico’s Kukulkan Pyramid    *   Machu Picchu, Peru