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World of Dots: Folklore


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TOYS THAT TEACH: Studies show that connect-the-dot puzzles are one of the best tools for teaching children a multitude of high level skills. With up to 1,800 dots in some puzzles, the Extreme Dot to Dot World of Dots book from MindWare are effective at helping children learn advanced levels of counting. It’s also incredibly useful for teaching instruction following, concentration, counting and mapping. Excellent quiet-time activity. Perfect for decompressing after a long day. WONDERFUL WORLD OF DOTS: See the world around you like never-before with this one-of-a-kind dot to dot series from MindWare. Both kids and adults will love watching the detailed pictures unfold with each dot they connect. This book focuses on characters and tales as old as time. COMPLEX PUZZLES: Comprised of hundreds, if not thousands of intricate dots, you will recreate incredibly detailed illustrations of 24 iconic stories from all around the world. From the Legend of John Henry to the Tree of Life, people of all ages will love exercising their left and right brains at the same time to connect these complex puzzles. DISPLAY YOUR ART: Once you’re done connecting all the dots, make sure to get creative by coloring your masterpiece. There's no guidelines for the white space, so let your creative side out and amaze with unique interpretations. Once you’re done be sure to proudly display your intricate artwork!