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You Decide! Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases - Instruction/Answer Guide

Critical Thinking Company

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You Decide! Get a Grasp of the Bill of RightsDoes it ever seem to you that the Bill of Rights is often talked about but seldom understood? Does your child know how to discern proper application of this important document to real cases? You Decide! is written for the 6th to 12th grade student desiring to get a real grasp of the Bill of Rights.Apply Amendments to Real CasesIndividual amendments are introduced and explained, words are defined and the meanings discussed, but that is only the preamble. Your child is then given a thumbnail of an actual case pertaining to that particular amendment and asked to discern how the amendment should or should not have applied.You'll Want the AnswersDesigned to accompany the You Decide! text, this Instruction/Answer Guide includes the information you'll most want after debating each case’s merits: The Supreme Court's official verdict and how they reached it. Whether you will always agree or not is debatable, but you will be able to understand how they came to the conclusion they did and how the amendments apply. The guide also includes objectives, suggestions, and a graphic organizer to keep track of the facts in each case.